How many times have we heard something like, “It’s my life.  I can live it any way I want!”  If we were to look at the Bible, we will notice a very different answer to our “life styles.”   Let me begin by saying that, in Christ, we have incredible liberty.  This goes to the fact that being forgiven of our sins by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, there is nothing that I can do to lose it.  I am secure, not because of my ability to follow or to obey, but because of God’s commitment to His word.  This gives me the ability to follow and to obey for no other reason than because I love Him.  I love Him not because of something that I want, or because I am afraid to lose something that I have, but just because I love Him!  However, there is something that is more important than my liberty, that is my responsibility.

As a Christian, I am required to put others before myself and to consider the needs of others more important than my personal needs.  This is true from Phil. 2:3-4, Ro. 15:1, and the entire chapter of I Corinthians 8.  I also must live a life style that would be appropriate for one who has been saved and therefore, become a child of God.  The Bible is clear that I am not my own! (I Cor. 6:19-20).  And, along with the change of ownership of our lives, there is the issue of integrity.

The Bible makes it clear that our word must mean something (James 5:12).  The Bible also teaches the importance of commitment and of keeping our commitments (Eph. 6:13).  We must demonstrate a much higher level of integrity, honesty, and ethics that the world around us would see as very different from theirs (I Peter 2:12).

When we are guided by our “RIGHTS” EVERYONE LOSES.

When we are guided by our “RESPONSIBLITIES” EVERYONE WINS!”


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