The Bible makes it clear that it is not “IF” we sin, but “WHEN” we sin (I John 1:8, 10).  At the same time, we hear that if we are truly spiritual, we ought to just “forgive and forget.”  It is also incredible that we get our forgiveness theology from songs that say “Love means that you never have to say you’re sorry!”  However, the Bible tells something much different!

In dealing with “my sin,” the Bible first says that I must get right with God.  Every Sin is first against him (Ps 51:4) and, that I must confess that sin to Him to be forgiven and restored (I John 1:9).  But, it does not end there!

I must go to the one I have sinned against and get right with him before I am fit to serve the Lord (Matt. 5:23-26). It is only after I have gotten right with my Lord and with all I have offended that I am fit to serve God!


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