One of the most important and profound commands in the Bible is “Rejoice evermore” (I Thess. 5:16). This concept can change our lives, and explains why we have so many unhappy people around us.

When we approach life as one who deserves everything that we want, that we have broad “rights,” or that life “owes us” something we will constantly be disappointed. We will need more than we have and never be satisfied. We MUST complain and be unhappy because our expectations will never be met. We always deserve better or more than we have and anger and disappointment follow.

However, when we approach life as a gift and filled with things that we can never merit, life becomes incredibly exciting and fulfilling! Every day brings joy because it will be filled with blessing and gifts from God that we can never deserve!

The reality is that happiness is almost never based on our circumstances, but is determined by our “attitude of gratitude.” We all have a choice. Will we go through life sad and angry because we never got what we deserved, worked for, or wanted; or will we see life as an adventure, filled with gifts and blessings from God?
I chose life as a GIFT!


One thought on “The Attitude of Gratitude”
  1. This is a great observation from God’s Word and the translation from KJV is probably the best one to show God’s Will!

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